Shelving System

I have to admit that your display intimidated me and I immediately told myself there was no way I could afford a system like Monkey Bars. I was very pleased with how affordable it turned out to be. I only wish I had found you sooner so I didn’t spend all the money I had previously on those wire shelves. My husband and I love your product. Thank you so much for taking the time to design something that fits our needs specifically.

Shelly CLouisville, KY
Garage Shelves

Every time I pull into my garage I smile because it is so neat and clean. I am glad that we stopped to talk to you at the home show and learn more about this system.

Mimi ALouisville, KY
Monkey Bars Grey Marble 2

I wanted to tell you again how pleased we are with our Monkey Bar storage system. It has been almost a year now and of all the home improvements we made last year, this storage system is by far my favorite. My husband never misses an opportunity to hang from the shelf and show everyone that comes to our house the sturdiness of the shelves.

Michelle FLouisville, KY
Garage Flooring _ Shelves

I am very pleased with my garage floor.  The floor looks like a granite surface.  Also, I am totally pleased with the work you did.  You were always there when you said you would be and the work you did was exactly performed as you said it would be. Definitely a 5 star performance. The only problem is that the floor looks too good to drive a car on!

Ted GLouisville, KY